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Dealing with a DUI can be difficult, but getting back on the road doesn't have to be.

At Blow N Go, we understand the anxiety and frustration following a DUI.

Our mission at Blow N Go is to alleviate your anxiety by providing you with a thorough understanding into the use of our interlock device. At our Pasadena and Stevensville Maryland locations, from the time of the installation of the determinator device, our customer service team will put the ignition interlock device in demo mode and train you on the easiest way to operate the device.

We will also advise you on the reporting requirements for the ignition interlock program and give you the paperwork needed to take to the MVA to obtain your restricted drivers license.

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We’re Here For You

By choosing Blow N Go, you are going with the area's most convenient, affordable, and customer service-oriented ignition interlock device installation company. Our team is here for you every step of the way, from installation to maintenance to removal.

Convenient Hours

Our hours simply don't get any more convenient. We're open Monday - Friday from 10:00am to 6:30pm, and Saturday from 9:00am - 4:30pm. While we highly recommend making an appointment for installation, we do take walk-ins.

Excellent Customer Service

Since established in 2007, our focus has remained on friendly, courteous customer support. We’re also highly recommended by public defenders and criminal attorneys.


Give us a call to schedule your appointment

A typical interlock installation appointment takes 1-2 hours at our Pasadena or Stevensville office, but may take longer for some vehicles.


At your appointment, you’ll receive complete training on the use of the ignition interlock device.


A Blow N Go-certified service technician will install the ignition interlock into the vehicle.


There is some administrative paperwork that will need to be completed by you, including the lease agreement.


The service technician will provide you with a user manual in English or Spanish.


Your technician can also answer any questions you may have regarding the ignition interlock device. We are happy to provide our contact information for future questions.


You will be provided with the MVA paperwork to have your restricted driver's license reinstated.



We will need:
  • Vehicle type the interlock is being installed in.
  • Your first and last name.
  • A contact phone number.
  • A copy of a current registration card at the time of the device installation.

To schedule your interlock installation appointment, please call 410-768-LOCK (5625), extension 1 for new customer information.


At Blow N Go locations in Pasadena, and Stevensville Maryland, we take pride in offering our clients the newest ignition interlock machines and latest technology. We are a proud carrier of MVA-approved Alcohol Detection Systems.

Known as an ignition interlock device, this safety system works as a Breathalyzer that is installed in your vehicle to prevent driving while intoxicated. It features a mouthpiece, a handheld unit and cord that is connected to your vehicle’s ignition system. In order to start your vehicle, you are required to blow into the mouthpiece to test your blood alcohol content (BAC).

If your BAC is below the Maryland limit of .025, your vehicle will start. If your BAC is above .025, your vehicle will not start until you provide a breath sample that no longer detects alcohol above the legal limit.

Preventative Interlock Solutions

Did You Know That In Maryland, The Average Drunk Driver Has Driven While Intoxicated Over 80 Times Before Their First Arrest?

As a parent, spouse, or employer, you may be concerned about preventing drinking and driving for someone in your life. At our Blow N Go locations in Pasadena and Stevensville, we offer a voluntary ignition interlock program, which differs from the MVA ignition interlock program because it is done strictly on a voluntary basis and data is not sent to the MVA.

Voluntary interlock drivers report to Blow N Go for calibration service every 90 days (participants from the MVA program report every 30 days). While the MVA program requires a blow-suck-blow breath pattern, voluntary participants need only to provide a straight, clean blow in order for the car to start.

The voluntary interlock device is available from Blow N Go for less than $2 a day, providing you with peace of mind and guaranteed sober driving for your loved one.


At Blow N Go, We Realize How Important It Is To Maintain Your Driving Privileges. For Over A Decade, We Have Helped Our Customers Get Back In The Driver's Seat And Move Forward With Their Life.

Blow N Go was founded in 2007. Today, the business is known for its first-class service and support, from the customer's very first phone call to their very last maintenance appointment. The Blow N Go team is friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable, and offers the best pricing, state of the art technology, and quality, same-day service.

Unlike many other Ignition Interlock Device installers,Blow N Go offers extremely convenient hours of operation. We are open Monday - Friday 10:00am until 6:30pm, and Saturdays from 9:00am - 4:30pm.

Blow N Go is located at 8009 Jumpers Hole Road in Pasadena, Maryland. While we do accept walk-ins, it is best to make an appointment by calling 410-768-5625.


What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock is a device which is installed in a vehicle that measures the level of alcohol in your breath and prohibits the start of the vehicle if a level of alcohol is detected above Maryland state requirement of .025.  These are typically ordered for drivers throughout Maryland to install an interlock by a Maryland Judge that administers the laws set forth by the MVA.

How does an ignition interlock device work?

The ignition interlock requires a driver to provide a breath sample into the unit before starting the vehicle. If the breath sample meets the state set alcohol requirement, the vehicle can be started. If an alcohol level is detected above the Maryland set alcohol level, the vehicle will not start. Periodic retests are also required once the vehicle has been started to ensure the driver stays within the Maryland requirement.

Does your ignition interlock device meet national quality standards?

Yes, our device meets the National Highway TrafficAdministration’s requirements and safety standards.

Does the ignition interlock device need to be serviced/calibrated?

Yes. The device will need to be serviced every 30 days.

How do I get an ignition interlock installed?

An ignition interlock must be installed by a certified installer. Please contact Blow-N-Go directly at 410-768-LOCK(5625) Ext 1 and one of our representatives will assist you in scheduling an appointment at our certified installation center, located at 8009 Jumpers Hole Road in Pasadena, Maryland.

How long does the installation take?

Depending on the year, make and model of your vehicle, the installation can take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours.

Can others drive my vehicle after the interlock is installed?

Yes; however, anyone attempting to start the vehicle will need to provide a breath sample in order to start the vehicle. Any violations will be recorded on the convicted driver’s log and will be reported to the monitoring state agency.

Will the ignition interlock device do any damage to the vehicle?

No. All of our installers have been certified to install, service and remove our devices without causing any damage to the vehicle.

What is a rolling retest?

Once the vehicle has been started, random rolling retests are requested. If you are prompted to provide a rolling retest sample, this is done the same way the sample was provided to start the vehicle. Ample time is given so that if you wish, you may pull the vehicle over to the side of the road to provide the rolling retest sample.

What do I do if I need to have mechanical work done to the vehicle?

The mechanic should call Blow-N-Go at 410-768-5625 and press the option for technical support. We will work with the mechanic so that they are able to service the vehicle. (Please note- the vehicle will need to be brought back to Blow N Go within 24 hrs of receiving it back from the mechanic for MVA recertification)

Will the ignition interlock device turn off the engine?

No. The ignition interlock device will not turn off the engine once it has been started. The ignition interlock will only prevent you from starting the vehicle if alcohol is detected.

Can anything other than alcohol be detected by the interlock?

No, however, there are substances that contain alcohol. For example, some mouthwashes, toothpastes, cold medicines, etc. may contain alcohol that can be detected by the ignition interlock device. It is recommended that you rinse your mouth prior to providing a sample and avoid using products containing alcohol before providing a sample into the device.

Can I start my vehicle without providing a breath sample?

No, in order to start the vehicle you must pass the breath sampling test.

What is a lockout?

A lockout is a state mandated function of the device that prevents you from starting your vehicle. Lockouts can occur when the device detects alcohol above the state limit, blowing too many positive alcohol samples, failing to submit a breath sample, or tampering with the system. Lockout requirements are mandated by the reporting agency or state.

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