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Maryland's Most Convenient Ignition Interlock Installer

As we enter 2018, an opportunity for a fresh start is here again. Drunk driving fatalities are down a third in the last three decades, but still claim 10,000 lives each year ( One third of all traffic crash fatalities in our country are at the hands and steering wheels of drunk drivers. While the issue of drunk driving is shrinking with growing awareness, it is still an area we have room for improvement on. Companies like ours are offering that next step to avoid these horrible accidents. Installing an ignition interlock device in your vehicle has proven time and time again that it can make a difference and improve security, keeping drunk drivers off the road with its intuitive technology. As we round the corner into this new year, we need to start trying out new idea sand taking steps – no matter how small – to prevent these tragic accidents from occurring.

An excellent first step towards preventing these accidents is to install an ignition interlock device in your own vehicle. The installation process is easy, with the end result paying off every time you or a loved one enters the vehicle. Aside from the actual product itself, where you get the product and the service that comes with it matters, too. Getting your service from Blow N Go is the best decision you could make. Not only do we pride ourselves in being the most affordable in the area, but we also can have your device set up in your vehicle in two hours or less. Timeliness is key, as well as dependability. Having been in the business for 11 years, we have the process down to a perfect science. Few centers are open six days a week without scheduled monthly calibrations. Walk in instillation appointments are also welcomed and geared towards the customer’s schedule. New to our services? Come in get zero down on your first appointment. We pride ourselves on the free installation that we provide. You shouldn’t have to pay a steep amount of money just to drive safely. Having a foreign car or a car that has a push start feature is also no problem. Most companies try not to handle those certain vehicles due to their complexity, but here at Blow N Go we welcome complexity. If it means it could save your life or the lives of those around you, we want to do what we can to help.

A new year is on the horizon. While the year may throw a lot your way you cannot be prepared for, your controllables include ending drunk driving. Help contribute a cause that will benefit every generation in the future. Give us a call at Blow N Go so we can get your year jumpstarted right.