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5 Things To Know About Ignition Interlock Installation

Ignition Interlock devices are a trending topic across the United States. Monitoring drunk driving never goes out of style, and these devices make it easier than ever to manage. The devices are easy to install, easy to use and take up next to no room within the vehicle. With an easy introduction and installation process, it is no wonder they are rapidly catching on. What is Ignition Interlock? What makes it so essential? Below we have compiled a list of fast facts to get you in the know about these life saving devices:

  1. Simple Installation: Blow n Go is known for their easy to follow instructions on getting that Ignition Interlock device in your vehicle. It’s about saving lives and saving you time. Each installation appointment takes anywhere from one to two hours. The appointment includes a full instruction on how to use the device so you can walk away assured you have made a great choice for your family. A Blow n Go certified technician would install the Ignition Interlock device on your vehicle. Aside from a lease, there will be some administrative paperwork for you to sign while the installation is in progress. A user manual will also be provided for you. We will always take questions, even if it has been months since your installation.
  2. Easy To Use: We pride ourselves on using the latest in Ignition Interlock systems and technology. We proudly feature MVA approved Alcohol Detection Systems. Our Ignition Interlock system works as a Breathalyzer within your vehicle. Each device features a mouthpiece, handheld unit and a cord connecting it to your vehicle’s ignition system. Simply blow into the mouthpiece upon entering your vehicle. If you blow above a 0.25, Maryland’s legal limit, your car will not start. Your vehicle will only start and allow you to drive once you blow within the legal limit and are fit to drive. The device does not disrupt your car in any other way at any other time. It will only prevent you from endangering yourself and others if you attempt to drive intoxicated. With such a quick and easy use, this device can become part of your daily routine when you get into your car. Check your mirrors, take your Ignition Interlock test and hopefully be approved to buckle up and put your vehicle in gear.
  3. More Than Money: By making the choice to add the Ignition Interlock service to your lifestyle, you are not only potentially saving your own life, but those around you. Recent studies have indicated that 90% of people who made the switch have been able to completely halt driving under the influence at any level of intoxication. These devices make the decision for you. Those who tend to drive while only slightly intoxicated often do not realize how dangerous their decision is. Even those who “feel fine” do not realize that incorrectly choosing to get behind the wheel anyways could ruin someone else’s life besides their own.
  4. Widespread Trend: Ignition Interlock devices are becoming more widely discussed every single day. 28 people die in the U.S. every single day from drunk driving. That’s one death every 51 minutes ( The annual cost of crashes related to alcohol is more than $44 billion USD. While texting and driving is also an extremely important topic of conversation, drunk diving is still a major issue within our country. Installing a device that physically stops your loved ones and yourself from driving while intoxicated and potentially injuring others could be our saving grace. This could diminish those daily death tolls greatly even within the next couple of years. It all starts with you. Call Blow n Go and install. Start the trend in your neighborhood.
  5. One With The People: We pride ourselves on being the area’s most affordable and customer oriented service. We offer convenient and flexible hours that work with your busy schedule. We also take walk ins; so don’t be afraid to stop by when you have a minute in your busy schedule. We have been in the business for 11 years, so let us reassure you that we are here to serve and protect. We are also backed by several leading public defenders and criminal attorneys.

The benefits of Ignition Interlock are substantial. It is easy to install, easy to use and can easily save lives. It saves time and money. You can save yourself a ticket by testing yourself in your own area before even pulling out of your parking space. You will feel safe and assured with this device on your side. Some claim that the device is too invasive. However, nothing is more invasive to a family than a DUI or a drunk driving accident. The decision to start using Ignition Interlock is becoming an easier one to make every day. Join the fight to stop drunk driving by bringing it a little bit closer to home. Test yourself and test your family. Do not let yourself make one wrong decision. Start with the right decision and install Ignition Interlock today.