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Safe Driving on 4th of July


Next week marks American independence, with parties and parades planned from town to town, it’s the biggest birthday bash of the entire year!  The 4th of July means picnics and beach parties, fireworks, sparklers, drinking and of course lots of road trips.

Around 35 million Americas are expected to travel by car this Independence Day, and there will probably be a BBQ at the end of many of their trips. 

Last year, more beer sold on Uncle Sam’s birthday than on any other holiday. 

Unfortunately, all the comings and goings, combined with well-stocked coolers, means more drunk drivers on the road. 

Obviously, driving drunk can have a terrible price.  But even if you are fortunate enough to avoid an accident, you could end up paying for it.  A DUI can triple your car insurance premium for as long as 5 years.  Once you have a DUI on your record, your car insurance company considers you a high-risk driver and will charge you a higher rate.

Combined all these expenses along with the fact that you could lose your life, take someone else’s or wind up spending time in jail- all the reasons to be smart and safe this weekend become more evident.  Blow N Go, in Pasadena, Maryland sells ignition interlock devices, also known as a car breathalyzer.  This device can attach to your vehicle’s starter system and requires the measurement of the driver’s BAC leer prior to starting the vehicle.

Nothing is worth your life, or someone else’s life.  Avoiding getting in an accident, or going to jail by getting an ignition interlock device installed in your car.  And if you have had one too many drinks this weekend and think it would still be a good idea to drive- your call will tell you otherwise.

So consider this a friendly reminder to avoid drunk driving (or even tipsy) driving this holiday weekend.  Whatever you have planned, from a picnic in the park to fireworks on the beach, have a great fourth and stay safe.