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Ignition Interlock Device Facts vs. Myths

Find out the facts vs. the myths around ignition interlock breathalyzer devices.  There is a lot of information out there, but we are here to set the record straight about these common ignition interlock device myths.

Myth #1: “Some drinks and food and can cause a false positive”
In some cases this myth may be true. Some drinks, food and other common household items can register alcohol much like traditional alcoholic beverages would. To prevent this from happening, there are some things you should consider.  If alcohol is present in the food or drinks that you are consuming, it is possible for the breathalyzer to recognize it.  Items such as mouthwash or breath sprat are common products that can lead to a positive BAC reading.  These items which contain a small amount of alcohol are important to avoid prior to providing your blow test.

Myth #2: “Someone else can do the blow test for you”
Wrong! If you plan on driving your vehicle, having someone other than yourself conduct the blow test for you is illegal.  In fact- most interlock companies come with a camera that is installed in your vehicle along with the breathalyzer.  These cameras monitor all blow test, and most states have laws against this from happening and can even result in jail time and fines.  Additionally, if someone else plans on driving your car and passes the blow test they will be able to operate the vehicle.

Myth #3: “You can share you Ignition Interlock Device with someone”
This is true!! The ignition interlock is your device and therefore it is your responsibility.  Other individuals can use your ignition interlock device in order to drive your vehicle, but the device and NOT be de-installed and placed into another person’s vehicle.

Myth #4: “Ignition Interlock Devices can detect drugs in your system”
This is false.  Unfortunately, at this time, the ignition interlock device can only detect alcohol in your system.  It is highly advised that people do not operate the vehicle impaired.  Smoke from marijuana or tobacco products could possibly damage the internal workings of the Ignition Interlock Device, which could cause the owner to have to pay an additional fee for it.

Myth #5: “Installing an Ignition Interlock Device can hurt your car”
False!  Service centers throughout the US, especially Blow N Go in Maryland, are trained to install and de-install Ignition Interlock Devices without causing any damage to the vehicle.  The Ignition Interlock Device is installed into the wiring which is connected to the engine, which makes sure the device can be properly passed before the engine can be started.

If you know someone in need of an Ignition Interlock Device, let the experts down at Blow N Go take care of them!