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Why Your Ignition Interlock Device Won’t Work and What To Do If Its Stolen

There can be a lot of anxiety and frustration that comes with a getting DWI. Our mission at BlowNGo is to alleviate that anxiety by providing drivers with a real understanding of the use of our ignition interlock device.

Our ignition interlock device requires the driver to breath into it, providing a breath sample in order to start the vehicle. Once the breath sample meets the state set alcohol requirement, the vehicle can then start. If the device detects alcohol levels above state standards, the vehicle will not start. Once the vehicle has been started, periodic retests are required to ensure the driver stays within the legal requirements.

But what happens if the ignition interlock device stops working?

If your interlock device stops working, it’s important to not tamper with it. Tampering or trying to cheat this device could result in a lockout, as mandated by the reporting agency or state.

Once the driver has blown into the device and the vehicle has been started, random rolling retests will be requested. If the driver is prompted to provide a rolling retest sample, the driver will be given ample time to pull the vehicle over to the side of the road, and once again blow into the ignition interlock device to provide another sample.

There are a lot of myths surrounding the ignition interlock device, and how to cheat the system. Drivers who try to register a false positive reading on the device will be locked out. For example – if the driver gets someone else to blow into the device to start the vehicle.

The driver themselves need to pull over and shut down the vehicle as soon as the interlock device asks for a rolling retest, taking photos of the driver. If drivers try to remove or disable the device themselves, they could also be locked out of their vehicle.

It’s important to remember that there’s always an explanation as to why an ignition interlock device lockout occurs. As a driver that is required to use an ignition interlock device, if you make sure to not get behind the wheel after drinking and never try to cheat the device, you shouldn’t have any problems starting your vehicle.

If someone breaks into your vehicle, they won’t be able to easily steal the ignition interlock device and run off with it. There is an extensive installation process that comes with setting up the device in your vehicle, to ensure this won’t be a problem. If your vehicle is stolen, it's best to immediately contact the police and file a stolen vehicle report. Once the police have been made aware of your stolen vehicle, then we recommend contacting one of our customer service representatives.

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Getting a DWI can be (almost) unpredictable, so we make sure our ignition interlock device isn’t.